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The Story

Atom Alternatives developed from a need in the market to promote both traditional and innovative investment solutions. Founded with over 20 years’ experience in financial services, we understand that the market, like an investment portfolio, needs to evolve.

Atom Alternatives is a boutique alternative investment house founded in 2016 in the Middle East. The aim is to identify and bring to the market a range of alternative investments that deliver attractive returns without correlation to the stock market and subsequent volatility. Our experience and reputation gives us the edge in the market place and the ability to identify new and innovative ideas that will form a solid part of an investment portfolio.

We understand that in the hectic schedule of life, managing a portfolio is a challenge and coupled with market volatility, returns can be less than satisfactory. Alongside the alternative investments, we pride ourselves on the partnerships we have formed with leading organisations within the finance industry.

Whether you are looking for capital growth on an investment or an income generating portfolio, we have the elements to help you achieve your financial goals.

The Mission

To deliver the service that will help our clients to successfully achieve their financial goals, to become educated, aware of what they hold as an investment and to ultimately exhume financial literacy; Our consultants have to believe in what we are building, they will show respect to each other and in return display that respect to our clients; We will work to forge global business relations to ensure we deliver on our promises made to clients.

The Proposition

Working closely with individual clients and brokerages alike, we will increase exposure to the market as a whole. The aim is not to create a new player in the wealth management arena but to create a harmony that will allow our alternative investments to be accessed without prejudice or firm to firm restrictions. Working together will allow the wealth management sector to develop and to always be up to date with the ever changing conditions within.

The Advice You Need


A successful portfolio must adapt. Our fresh approach and innovative structures offer new solutions in a very traditional investment market.


Well considered diversification is especially important in periods of volatility in order to mitigate exposure and to continue to provide returns.


Atom offers an alternative to the norm. We aim to change perceptions by changing reality, this will be achieved through transparency, honesty and credibility.


Having established ourselves as a truly independent company, Atom sits in an enviable position. We have the flexibility of being able to choose the organisations with which we form partnerships, and are not tied to any particular providers’ services.

Unparalleled Solutions

We believe we have some of the most unique opportunities available today. Our solutions like our service are unparalleled making us true leaders in the ever growing alternative investment sector.


From office space to burial plots, Atom can offer some of the most innovative and diverse investment solutions that should be the corner stone of your portfolio.


Atom has partnerships with major organizations across the globe offering fixed returns from one to five years. These are available in GBP/EURO/USD


Loan notes are becoming an increasingly popular way to invest in property without the hassle of owning the asset. A loan note is an extended form of an IOU.


Create your own portfolio using a trading platform with instant access to the global markets trading a variety of financial instruments.


With interest rates at an all-time low and heightened volatility in the stock market, in experienced investors and savers will find it difficult to know where to turn.


Whether you’re looking to make a one off payment or set up regular transfers to repatriate your savings, use our recommended FCA regulated partners.

Trust and faith in our experience

Combining 20 years of experience in financial services, we understand it is hard to build relationships and just as easy to break them. The integrity of the work we do to help our clients achieve their goal is paramount and without compromise. They place trust and faith in us and we are proud to call them a client.

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